Census Data in Scan/US

All Scan/US Subscriptions include baseline Census data from the 1990 Census, the 2000 Census, and the 2010 Census. This enables trend analyses between a past year, current-year estimates, and five-year projections.

Scan/US production cross references enables prior years data to be brought forward to current-year geographies which did not exist in 1990, 2000, or 2010, such as constantly-changing postal ZIP maps.

In addition to the prior-census years, two categories of 2010 Census Data ship with Scan/US (additional purchase required): SF1 reference data and the detailed standard reference of American Community Survey (ACS) Housing

More information about the 2010 Census databases available for sale can be found here


Optional Demographic Data: Census 2010 Detailed Demographics

Sample Reports

Census 2010:  Focus On Age - 8 detailed Census SF1 tables

Census 2010:  Focus On Household size and composition; Group Quarters Characteristics - 29 very detailed Census SF1 tables