Scan/US Standard Subscription

The Scan/US Standard Subscription combines demographic databases with intuitive mapping software, so you can get to work looking at the demographics of your markets

You can do trade area analysis, territory creation, demographic reports, maps of income distributions in neighborhoods all across the United States, on your desktop.

Pre-formatted reports let you produce presentation-ready output to enhance your marketing materials.

    Create maps

  • Create and save your own location, ring & polygon layers
  • Create custom maps for any location in the United States
  • Communicate with thematic "heat-maps", color-coded by any of the hundreds of available demographic variables. People are always talking about "location location location", but what about the location of high-average-income households, the location of high median-income households, and the location of high-income families? You can show this in moments with any Scan/US subscription.
  • Build territory maps with Scan/US Grouping, with over 7 different techniques
  • Look at the kinds of maps you can create in the Scan/US Map Gallery

    Print reports

  • Make demographic reports for any geography, including custom ring areas, custom drive times, and any trade areas you make by drawing around them on the map. Scan/US summarizes the data for these areas: you pick the profile report you want to see.
  • Export data

  • Export data for your trade areas for further analysis in Excel or a statistical program.
  • Export map images for use in other applications
  • Stay up to date

  • Data updates for the entire term of your license
  • Software updates for the entire term of your license

Demographic Updates

Annual demographic updates are at the heart of the Scan/US subscription products.

For over 20 years, staff demographers at Scan/US, Inc. have delivered these demographic mapping updates to our customers. The Scan/US Standard Subscription provides current-year updates and 5-year projections, as well as standard Census reference data from 1990, 2000, and 2010, for trend analysis. Specialty and custom datasets are also available.

Geography and Demographics for the entire United States.

Please call or email today: Tell us what you need to do with demographic mapping, site reports, geographic direct mail targeting, or territory creation. We'll tell you right away how to meet your demographic mapping goals with Scan/US products, and about how long it will take you.

Read more about the Demographics included in the Standard Scan/US Subscription (includes sample reports)