For your Scan/US Subscription: Directory of Major Malls

For over 35 years, Directory of Major Malls® and Shopping Center Digest publications and products have been providing the leaders of the industry with the most accurate, detailed and timely data, development and contact information on the shopping center, mall, and retail markets in the U.S.

DIRECTORY OF MAJOR MALLS® databases now list over 7,700 major Shopping Center and Mall locations in the US for all centers 200,000 square feet and higher.

Major Malls are malls which are 200,000 Square Feet GLA and up.

The Malls are divided into several Classifications:

3,647 Community Centers (up to 499,999 SqFt), 814 Regional Centers (500,000 - 999,999 SqFt), 431 Super Regional Centers (over a million Square Feet), and Power Centers (1432), Lifestyle/Specialty Centers (1107), Value Retail Centers (240), and Entertainment Centers (46).